WoW Videos YouTube is looking for WoW players who have cool ideas for WoW Videos on Youtube. We're PAYING... check out our WoW Youtube Contest rules and reg's in our video here.

We have included videos from YouTube that represent what we're looking for. Just click on any link to see what qualifies. The video with the "server" crash is just an example of something that happens sometimes other gamers find cool. That video got tons of views within a week. So, if you've got something funny, blooperish, weird, out-of-the-norm, and or freeky, we just may accept that too.

For the total rules and regs, watch this video.

  • Crusade WoW
    Checking out the Crusade? Watch the Call of the Crusade patch 3.2 Blizzard Trailer here. Check out our new Youtube video contest, we're paying for cool wow videos. Tips, cheats, stupid stunts and fun times...
  • Rare WoW Spawns
    Discover Four raptors that have 100% RARE HATCHLING drops each worth between 1000 and 5000 gold at the Auction House. Takk the Leaper, Dart, Razormaw Matriarch and Ravasaur Matriarch. Get all locations and what they drop here.
  • sneakpeek
    Are you looking for a good World of Warcraft guide? Want to know what it looks like inside the members area? Well, look no further... come on in!
  • Sneak Peek Video Inside Dugis PVP Strategy Guide
    Catch a sneak peek inside the members area of Dugi's Ultimate PVP Guide for the World of Warcraft. This video gives you a private tour of what only members get to see!
  • world of warcraft skinning guide
    Watch a video skinning guide. Items collected, borean leather, arctic fur, jumongar, trash...Killn 4 times, two areas, 350 per hr... Where... Sholazar Basin, Storm Peaks. Watch and learn and then go do.
  • WoW Fishing Guide
    Get 5 Fast and Easy Fishing Tips to leveling and mastering your fishing skills to 450. Special sneak peek into the World of Warcraft Fishing Guide Mastery included.

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