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In the ever so popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft, you are going to find many key elements, which help to improve the fun level of the game. The gameplay on World of Warcraft is out of the world. Other games try to be like WoW, but we don’t think there will ever be a WoW. One of the key features in WoW is professions.

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On the Blizzard server, you will be able to have up to two primary professions. Take note that you will be able to change those professions and best of all, you will be able to do it whenever you want.  Within this article, we are going to tell you about WoW professions, but for starters, we would like to tell you how to change the professions on WoW.

Changing Your Professions on World of Warcraft 

Anytime you would like to change your professions on World of Warcraft, open up the character menu and click on skills. If you look close enough, you will see a red button with an “X.” If you would like to change the skill you have collected, you just simply click that button. A word of caution: Be sure you want to change that profession before you click this, because it will reset your skill level. Now that you know how to change your professions, we would like to more forward with WoW profession tips.

How Many Professions Are There?  

Believe it or not, you will have twelve professions to choose from. You have the gathering professions, crafting professions and secondary professions. Please take note that you can have all of the secondary professions. There are only three secondary professions. Below, you will find a list of professions.  

·         Alchemy 

·         Blacksmithing 

·         Cooking 

·         Enchanting 

·         Engineering 

·         Fishing 

·         Inscription 

·         Jewelcrafting 

·         Herbalism 

·         Leatherworking 

·         Mining 

·         Tailoring 

The gathering professions are mining, herbing and skinning. The secondary professions are fishing, cooking and first aid. All of the rest are called the crafting professions.  

Which Professions Will Make the Most Money?  

When you are playing World of Warcraft, you will want to have a lot of gold. With that said, you should go with the professions that will make you the most money. What professions make the most money?

The gathering professions, of course. In fact, when you first start out, you should choose two gathering professions. When you reach a higher level, you could choose the crafting professions. You will be able to sell the items you gather in the Auction House. Many people who are trying to powerlevel their skills will buy the materials. You will be surprised at how much that loot goes for!  

There are many who say “I can craft certain things, then sell it on auction house.” While this may be true if you are able to gather the material, when you have to buy it from the auction house, many times you will end up losing gold. 

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Our Thoughts on the Professions 

When you are starting out on World of Warcraft, we know just how complicated it is to choose out of all these professions. Excluding the secondary professions, you have nine professions and you are only allowed to choose two. On one server, you are allowed to have up to ten characters at one time, so you can choose different professions when you create different characters.  

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